Outdoor Photographer - July 2014 Monthly winner

Rob, was really pleased with the kudos from Steve Watkins in this month's Outdoor photographer readers gallery, ' Photographing underwater is a far more demanding discipline then shooting images on dry land. Not only do you need the requisite diving skills, but you need to also feel comfortable in the water and with your dive equipment to be able to focus, to some degree on the photography. If you are concerned about being too deep or whether you have enough air left in your tank then it's highly unlikely you will not be conjuring up killer compositions. Robert has not only got the diving sorted but he also produces compelling and beautifully constructed images full of emotion and drama. The careful overlap of the top of the anemone with the pool surface light, the critical clearance between the diver's fins and the edge of the light, the strobe lighting to balance the anemone with its surroundings; these are all signs of a master at work. As for the image of the seals what can we say? It's glorious and moving picture that transcends the subject matter. We doff our caps to you, Robert'. Click here to view the interview *** http://youtu.be/z5p-yt5I-7k ***