Baskers off Penzance

Basking shark -- Cornwall, UK
Finally saw one of these creatures after several hacks down south without sucess.

We teamed up with Brian & Linda Pitkin, and Alex Mustard and his partner Ela, made for a very enjoyable day. Charles Hood our guide knows the area well and was instrumental in putting us in the right place at the right time.

The water was calm and the sky slightly overcast in the morning, which made available light photography a little challenging, even with some close fly bys. The trick to getting close to baskers is to stay completely still.

Alex always generous with his knowledge showed me a vital tip to increase the chances of getting these behemoths in sharp focus.

When you jump in the water, focus on something in the water more than a meter away and then disable the auto-focus. This will feel a little uncomfy at first but will assure you get images in sharp focus. This top tip came in handy when we saw whalesharks nine days later in the Strait of Gobal.