BSOUP Splash-in 2010

3rd overall out of more than 100 entries, and runner-up in the Wide Angle Category ...
We had a great weekend as usual at the annual competition.

Joined by my wife Paula and frequent dive companion Charles Erb. We dived off the boat Seeker, which I can highly recommend. Great skipper, who also dives. Many thanks to Rob Cuss chairman of EMUP for organizing the boat.

We struggled with ideas for the BSOUP splash-in, as always. Shooting wide angle in the UK is always addictive. Many find it challenging to produce decent images in UK waters. Albeit there were a lot of entries in this category, with some excellent results.

The audience selected us 2nd best in the wide angle category.

A panel if judges selected us third best overall in the competition. Charles Erb won overall, so we had the pleasure of taking two trophies back with us.