Seal Diving - Farne Islands

Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus)
We spent two days diving with Ben Burville and a few members of EMUP in the Farne Islands. The chairman of EMUP Rob Cuss organized the trip. We dove on four separate sites with the sole goal of getting some good seal pics.

Sites we were on included Bluecaps, Longstone End, and Big Harkers.

The key in my opinion to getting decent pictures of seal is to get closer than arms reach to them. I tried to resist following them with camera and opted for exposing for the background first, then waiting for a subect to swim in frame. For the most part this approach paid off.

There were some interactions I couldn't ignore and in all the excitement could have asked for one higher shutter speed to get a bit more contrast in my images. All in all a very productive venture.