Runner-up in two categories at Dive Fest 2010 Splash-in

Robert was both delighted and somewhat dissapointed to finish in the runner-up position in two catagories in the Dive Fest 2010 Splash-in. Robert was sucessful in both the Wide Angle and the Macro categories.

Thanks to Rob's wife Paula for some excellent modelling skills, she was very intuitive with her placement and eye contact with the subject, which helps to tell the story. Rob mentioned the shots would not have got anywhere without her in them.

Dive buddies Arthur Kingdon and Trevor Rees also did very well in the competition.

Arthur Kingdon Photography

Trevor Rees Photography

The dissapointment was with a potential winning image which wasn't cropped tightly enough for the judges liking. The panel of judges who included legendary film maker Peter Scoones, Dive magazine editor Simon Rogerson, BSOUP co-founder Colin Doeg, and Charles Hood. The edited image shown below was a potential winner for Robert, who said ' It's a tricky business knowing what the judges are looking for, and struggled in the past with images being cropped too tightly'. It's always very humbling to be selected at all from such an elite line-up of judges, Robert commented.

Another image of a nuidbranch was also selected as runner-up in the macro category.